Oh, The Places We’ll Go → Coastal Walk

Cliff-tops, caves and coastline, that’s exactly what the Royal National Park (RNP) coastal track sounds like. I edited a short video to guide you through bits of the track and more importantly to Wedding Cake Rock and our final destination, Wattamolla beach. I noticed the video lags at certain points, but I made it quickly on my phone and couldn’t really fix it (sorry). This 12km hike is only part one of our journey in completing the entire track to Otford – a further 15km walk.

After a two hour travel via train and ferry, we arrived at Bundeena and took a 10 minute walk to the beginning of the coastal track. Feeling fit at this point, the sand, rocks and grates were no match to our fitness levels… or so we thought until another 20 minutes. Arriving at various cliff-tops was relaxing however, and both the breeze and crashing waves were soothing. There are lots of good photo opportunities not only at Wedding Cake Rock, but on the cliffs while making your way there! Be sure to stay safe on the cliffs though, maybe even ask a friend to hold your hand like Kim did. Better safe than sorry.
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To Coogee and Beyond

Bondi Beach is the most famous of Sydney’s beaches, with Tamarama, Bronte and Clovelly nearby.  A six kilometre cliff top coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee allows you to experience the amazing views, beaches, parks, bays and rock pools. My best friend, Kim, and I decided to tick this coastal walk off our bucket list and set off for Bondi Beach. After 1 hour and a half of travel (combination of a train and bus ride), the sun was peaking and our arrival to Bondi was met with 30 degree heat.

Bondi Beach

Immediately, as we followed the path for the walk, our eyes were
greeted with stunning snapchat-238383953734178171views. We couldn’t help but take many photographs along the way. The walk has several staircases and a few steep gradient paths along the way however, there are many rest stops with great views and seating during the walk from Bondi to Coogee.
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The Truth About “Heaven’s Trail”

Thomas Zimmer Photography

If you’re interested in travel as much as I am, you’ll probably recognise this amazing image. The single figure silhouetted at the end of a stairway that seems to lead into a trail of stairs has an unreal quality which evoked a sense of wonder and curiosity in me the first time I saw it. I was questioning whether it was a real place, or if it was just photoshopped like many other images on the internet recently. The breathtaking photograph was published online a couple of years ago with nothing but the caption: “There’s this place in Ireland where every two years, the stars line up with this trail on June 10th and June 18th. It’s called Heaven’s Trail.” Curious to find out more, I dug a littler deeper. Where was this place exactly? And how could the stars only line up with this trail every two years? Constellations follow an already predicted, annual pattern.
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