Be Your Own BFF

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Technically being the first post on my blog, I’d like to focus on two things:

  •  Keeping positive and,
  • You!

This post will hopefully help make – and celebrate – the best version of you.

We are often harder on ourselves than anybody else, but it’s time that we start being nicer to the person in the mirror. According to psychologists, it’s important to love and respect yourself as much as you do others. Understanding the affects of loving and respecting yourself will enhance your ability to do the same to others. This, in return, allows you to create positive energy and increases the chances of great things to occur in your life. Poor self-esteem is a huge challenge for countless people and it’s time to fight it. After all, low self-esteem is responsible for a whole lot of bad stuff – poor body image, feeling anxious and depressed, eating disorders, feeling inferior to others, and even bullying. And you are way too amazing to be plagued by any of that.
Thinking back to 2013, my self-esteem was continuously getting worse and therefore life just seemed so complicated, even though it didn’t have to be. High school was becoming different, everyone was changing, people were criticizing, I was changing as well. This made me think about well, me, my personality, attitude, looks. Everything. Though it has been just over 2 years, I remember trying to gain the confidence I had back. With a determined mindset and positive group of friends, I developed:
– A happier outlook on life
– A more calm and relaxed attitude
– The adventurous side of myself
– >Confidence<

Now, I believe you are only going to be as good as the people you surround yourself with, so be brave enough to let go of those weighing you down. I started becoming super close to a friend I knew since Kindergarten (2004-woah), and we are incredibly similar, bringing out the best sides of each other to this day. So I thought I’d share an idea I have:

Think about the way you treat your bestie. Now look at how you treat yourself. They don’t quite turn out the same, do they? Although they should. This doesn’t mean being harsher to your BFF, it means if you wouldn’t say or do something to your friend, then you shouldn’t do it yourself. And if you would say positive and sweet things to your bestie, you should do the same thing to yourself. If you catch yourself putting down what you see in the mirror, stop and ask, “Would I say that to my friend? What would I say if she said this about herself?” Wouldn’t it be something positive? Next time, just turn it around and say it yourself. Just take care of yourself, the way you would take care of your bestie. Trust me, it works.


Studies have shown that standing taller affects our mood by lifting our self-esteem and making us feel more powerful. Our body language is incredibly important as it communicates the emotions we want our brain to feel. Try it right now! Stand, or sit, up straight with your head and shoulders back, eyes ahead.

Become a confident, happier version of YOU.


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